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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 21, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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you are a wonder to all of us here at fox news, and we just wish you and your two little girls a merry, merry christmas. terror overseas hits home again for the u.s. as six american troops are slaughtered by taliban militants in afghanistan. this is "special report." welcome to washington, i'm sheena bream for bret baier. the shiite soldiers have taken many lives. a continued threat to u.s. servicemembers in the volatile middle east.
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>> 6 american troops were killed today by a suicide bomber. one was wounded. the taliban. terp on poot control. a day inner. she was shot dead allegedly by an islamist mula after she left the health club. meanwhile, an afghanistan tra teej i can helmand province to the south, taliban are making gains, having taken control of the district sunday. he posted a letter to the afghan president on his facebook page
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warning that all of the province is in danger of falling to the taliban if he doesn't act soon. >> we are continuing to lose territory, lose momentum. the status in afghanistan is today we're moving in a very negative direct. the province in heldmond is privately asking not to let the ashes fall. an isis-run radio show is seeking recruits. general john campbell is warning that isis or daesh is making inroads in afghanistan. . in the second half of 2015,
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there were resurgent attacks after president obama declared the war was over last december. the death toll in afghanistan this year is up to 20. this is an example of what our troops experience every day in afghanistan. shannon? president obama insists his strategy to defeat isis is working. he can see he hasn't done a good job of communicating about it. kevin corke reports from honolu honolulu. >> reporter: president obama telling national public radio his limit of announcing is in growing adversity about the
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described all the work that we had fof. they're worried about whaet leader ip. the broad outlines of what the president wants to do so, though i think the right ones, the pace is not going fast enough. >> this now rank rld with the president's much talked about climate change far, far down the list at just 6%. >> this is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us. institutionally or on a systematic way, but they can hurt us. >> and hurt us they have. including the recent attack on san bernardino, a sobering
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reminder of the impact and reach of isis and those they inspire. a threat similarly down played the. in iraq and syria. strategic partners targeting isis financing and a rampd ip. little effect, say critics, who acute the. the middle east burns, the american public is apologizing. they said the president was tone deaf following the shooting in paris. we also spoke to paul ryan. he says. they should be sending that right now.
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a prosecutor in las vegas says he expects to file a murder charge against a woman accused of ramming her car into partyiers and. authorities say lakeisha holiday mooid a falling out with her. bail was supplied to the man. march contest purchased the high-powered. senator lindsey gram has jumped out of the political race. it never caught on with gop voters. >> today i'm suspending my campaign for president.
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>> snar lind. toek us more on national secure, taking the fight to, but in the polls, never hair than 2 poers support is. you got to get on the big stage. >> graham described his campaign as hitting a wall and described frustration of only being able to debate candidates sitting at the bottom of the gop field. >> i don't want to be the undercard voice. i cannot tell you how frustrating it has been to have spent all this time and effort preparing myself to be commander in chief and be put at the kiddie table. >>. >> i've watched some of the earlier debates. >> i also want to give a shout-out to your senator.
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>> donald trump told fox about graham dropping out, saying. . >> it was very nice, he said great things. he even call me brilliant, that. >> vladimir putin is a person who was killed. he's jailed and murdered journalists, political opponents, he bombed an apartment building as a pretest to capture. >> you say he killed people. i haven't seen that. i don't know that he has. >> we can't outsource leadership or the defeat of isis to donald trump's new best friend, vlad
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putin has to lead. it freeze pup. >> it could also give him a eith strong endorsement. shannon? >> i also heard don't expect an endorsement any time soon. jeb bush says he's glad he's not leading the gop race. which made the comments in an interview broadcast yesterday. >> you hated being a frontrunner? >> yeah. i feel much better back here. >> why did you hate become the. i have a brother who was president and a father who was president. that higher exception.
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there's guys just dancing right through this. i have nothing earn it suchlt than others have of him. it was a positive day on wall street. s&p 15.60, the dow 123.07 and the nasdaq 45. a school in boston closed due to a threat on violence. it happened on friday after the staff received an e-mail. today they said the threat was not credible and they will be open tomorrow. fox 35 in orlando where people are blocked on the if. no one was hurt. there was never any danger to any of the riders. a park worker was lowered into
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the. last night's big screwup at the miss universe pageant. host steve harvey announced ms. colombia as the winner, and a few minutes later, he said actually ms. philippines was the true winner. that's "special report." we'll be right back.
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an associated press investigation says sophisticated foreign hackers have gained enough access to the power grid to cause significant trouble about a dozen times in the last decade. they say an attack could potentially knock out electricity to millions of homes. also iranian hackers accessed a small dam in new york about two
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years ago. they believe the hackers used a cellular modem but never actually took control of the dam. positive train control went on line over the weekend. investigators say the system could have prevented the crash in philadelphia that killed eight people and injured about 200. it can automatically stop trains in danger of derails because of speed or a potential collision. hillary clinton's contention that donald trump is the best recruiter for isis terrorists is drawing sharp criticism tonight. but you very likely didn't see it live and may not have even heard about it yet. chief white house correspondent ed henry tonight on democrats keeping hillary clinton under wraps. >> reporter: it was yet another late saturday night debate for democrats that could have helped shield frontrunner hillary clinton on gas. one of the comments managed to break through, anyway, as donald trump hotly defended the claim
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that hillary clinton says donald trump is using comments to support isis. >> she lies about everything. >> while a clinton supporter says, no, she will not apologize, she said her statement was false. >> he is being used in social media by isis. >> reporter: saturday night, clinton seemed to have specific videos in mind. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islams to recruit more jihadists. >> reporter: in fact, hillary clinton used her husband, as well as other top democrats. the secretary of state also stumbled over her ties on battling isis. >> we finally are where we need
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to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> clinton's age quickly clarified she was alluding to syria, though the only other woman in the race was not buying it. >> no, mrs. clinton, we are not where we need to be in the fight against isis. >> all of this could sting in the general election, so clinton has a new tv ad trying to deal with it head on. >> i will get up every single day to make sure i do what it takes to keep our country safe. >> reporter: but she's still coasting in the campaign trail. they tried to overreach charges of a data breach in bernie sanders' camp. >> i apologize. >> the next debate is on a sunday when there will be not just one, but two, nfl playoff games. for those who missed it, you and i will break it down.
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the first of six baltimore police officers to face trial for the in-custody death of an african-american man last spring will get a new trial. william porter will go back on trial in mid-june. porter is accused in the death of freddie gray who died after reportedly suffering a broken neck in a police transport vehicle. just the facts? not exactly when it comes to media coverage of presidential politics. but first, warm weather means no white christmas. it also means more tough times for the natural gas industry. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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on all current incentives.
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as the calendar officially turns to winter, the unseasonably warm weather in
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much of the country is expected to continue this week, and that means no white christmas for you, snow lovers out there. it also means no relief for energy providers. tonight correspondent chris fisher looks at how it's affecting the natural gas industry. good evening, christian. >> historically low gas prices are good for consumers but bad for the energy companies. they were already feeling the pinch from low crude oil proiic, and then gas went to a 16-year low. it went back up a bit, but you can see it's still way down from where it was a year ago today. gas futures is down 48% since december 2014. there is worry from gas consumers just how hard the profit margins will be hit. >> it's hard for them. they're struggling to find out ways they can be more efficient, and in a lot of ways, that efficiency puts more pressure on prices. they're thinking, can we make it
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in a $2 environment? how do we do that? >> too much supply and too little demand. the oil boom out west has produced stockpiles of natural gas. at the same time, the demand for that gas for future homes and businesses is way down because of what's on tractor the warmest winter ever recorded in the united states. >> the winter weather is the number one thing that drives natural gas consumption on a regular basis, so it's a big player. having nearly no demand right now and no surplus with the shale surplus and the excess production we've had over the last few years, it's really driving the price lower right now. >> that is the up side, lower heating bills. analysts are predicting a 10% drop. that has to be good news for consumers as we near the end of this holiday shopping season. residents fight over how
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best to use one of the region's primary resources. correspondent dan springer has that story tonight. >> reporter: a packing plant in southern oregon is preparing to ship the remainder of this year's potato harvest. the worry here is that it could be the last money-making crop ever. the problem is water. and a congress that for five years has failed to give its approval to a hard fi-fought de that shares the resources. >> i never would have thought a bipartisan solution would fail to see congressional action. >> reporter: the sticky point in washington is dam removal. the agreement calls for four dams on the klamath river to be torn down. it would be the largest dam breach in u.s. history, topping the removal of wafsh wash state's elwa.
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>> it doesn't show a significant amount of taming the west, taming the rivers. using our natural resources for the betterment of mankind, not just the rich. >> many have done a 180 on the water, specifically the agreement with bitter wives. >> we want water! we want water! >> hundreds protested in 2001 when the federal government shut the water off to groers to. local tribes have the senior water right. . >> we know it's going to be a rougher road. we just don't know how rough it's going to be. >> dam supporters say they fear
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a slippery slope. >> when this started, some of the environmentalist groups said, if we can do it here, we can do it on the snake river and on to moscow. >> it appears a water truce will end in the new year. >> you must be rich because you threw away $144 billion last year. 144 billion! it's "your money" and that's next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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with the holidays upon us, tonight we look back on the year as only "the grapevine" can. a reflection of the best, or you might say the worst, stories of 2014. sometimes we look at the devil in the details of small issues, but then there are those government mistakes that cost you, the taxpayer, billions of dollars. >> your government wasted $125 billion in improper payments in 2014, an increase of 19 billion from the previous year. that's a carding to the government accountability office, or the gao. the three offenders were medicare. treasuries earned almost $18 billion in tax credit.
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they also claim the bronze medal with medicaid wasting at $32.5 million. they said, question, the levels of improper pedestrian. the gao looked at the inefficiency duplication and looked at ways that the government were less. consumer toys were under the product safety commission. if the toy has a laser site, the fda is involved, and the plastic orange tip that indicates it is a toy is regulated by the commerce department. one of the 132 actions the gao
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recommends is to take over a billion and a half dollars in funding to the u.s. enrichment corporation fund, because its objectives are completed. the government has addressed 37% of recommendations from previous reports, saving roughly $20 billion since 2011. it is projected to save another 80 billion over the next eight years. what's a few billion dollars between friends? last year the decadelong development of the long-range biners. your new one was 38 billion. for the $24 billion difference, they said, it was a mistake. it was a regretable mistake. it occurred in part because of human error and process error. it turned out both of those
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efforts proven to be 41. those responsible have been counseled. aea2 in depth tonight with politics behind us. we should see a little less politicking in the next week or two, but soon enough, it will resume. tonight we look at how the media are dealing with the ever-changing story lines in the 2015 sweepstakes. >> political stories flash across the sky like meteors in this campaign, often on-site for only a day or two. >> calm down a bit here, kelly. >> a lot of people who go into prison go into straight and they come here.
3:34 pm
>> twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat make it harder for journalists and voters to stay focused on any one message and political attack. it all becomes a blur. >> every four years, the media culture seems to change dramatically. it if you're disconnected from politics for even half a day, you've missed four or five. the ability of the candidate to change the subject. >> amy walter says master of that. it is a drowning out of efforts to find the truth. >> the candidates have figured out that most voters really don't care r. they orch don't even respond.
3:35 pm
>> larry saborteau said they never meant less. that may be especially true of donald trump supporters. >> there is nothing in the media md. iowa town fairs as much as, a congre congress. shannon? >> thank you. two astronauts from the international space station took a walk today. they freed a rail car that had stalled out. it took just a half hour to release the guide. that will now allow a cargo ship with nearly three tons of food and supplies mz. we'll talk 20.16 with me
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today i'm suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone who has taken this journey with me. my campaign has come to a point where i need to think about getting out and helping somebody else. i don't want to be the undercard voice. i cannot tell you how frustrating it has been to have to spend all this time and effort preparing myself to be commander in chief and be put at the kiddie table. >> let's bring in our panel to talk about today's developments. senior writer, associate editor of the hill, and columnist charles krafthammer. another one is gone. senator graham says it's not his
3:40 pm
time and the least he can do is help somebody else. california is a very early state. how much could he help? >> if you're looking for somebody to blast a candidate, it can't hurt that he would endorse a marco rubio or chris christie or jeb bush, perhaps, in south carolina. i think the bigger question would be, does lindsey graham have much of an organization that he could move to support one of those folks, presumably, and actually make a difference in terms of getting people on the if the poles or something of that sort. >> many of his former competitors, others in the fuel, issues of isis and the foreign policy, and they thought he was very serious and the voiceover would be mixed. both chris christie and lindsey
3:41 pm
graham were listen to. there was never going the way for lindsey graham like we were seeing for chris christie, but whatever barack obama was doing for isis was not working. so for lindsey graham, i don't think he can give a big organization in his endorsement, but this will be in the debate. i think he and mccain will try to, once they pick someone, john mccain, who is his biggest supporter, once they pick someone, they will play to win. and they're going to challenge the other people in the debate. everyone else is talking big about engaging sunni arabs and
3:42 pm
lots of intelligence. lindsey graham has said this is an operation on the ground that needs to be fought with boots on the ground. decades of military experience himself has a slightly different perspective than others in this race. there was some words back and forth that we cannot say unless we want to sign. he didn't rule out, charles, that he will be part of a trump cabinet. >> it sounded a little odd. i think the reason he got out today is this was the last day on which he could get off the ballot in south carolina. the idea of being that if he were on the ballot he got a few percent. he could make a difference if he got out and left that space for someone like a rubio or someone like a christie who is closer to him. lindsey's promise is that he put
3:43 pm
20,000 americans on the ground. we have to go in there, we have to clean this up. that's a message american people don't want to hear. now they may hear it in a year and there's some support for that if you look in the polls after paris, he was too far out there, too early. he never got heard. he knew that was the reason he got in. remember in the first debate where he was sort of like the voice of death? he was very, shall we say, negative and somber, to put it nicely. but his own answer to every question was, we have to do something about isis. there is a conviction candidate who was just slightly out of time, but i think getting out of the race slightly narrowing the
3:44 pm
field is going to give something of a boost to one of the other final challengers. >> if i can entertain another possibility, too, it could have the effect of doing the opposite, right? in this political environment, a blessing for john mccain? lindsey graham was a member of the gang of eight. is that really the kind of endorsement you want in this political environment? i think if you ask most candidates, they would rather have it than not, but at the same time people want to go push back on the establishment, that's the establishment. >> i don't think he endorses and i don't think his endorsement would help. i think he's simply creating space and another people would occupy it probably non-donald trump. >> donald trump is the only name that came up in the gop debate on saturday night. and yes, i watched the whole thing. i want to play a little bit of what hillary clinton had to say, accusing donald trump of helping isis in a way and his response. >> they are going to people
3:45 pm
showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> i will demand an apology from hillary, okay? you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize. whether it's whitewater or the e-mail scandal, she always lies, and now to be saying we're just right in the perfect spot with respect to isis, i don't think that's a lie. i really don't think she knows what she's doing. >> there was an immediate fact check where people, you know, organizations said they couldn't find any evidence that any videos of donald trump were being used, but as far as that call for an apology, mrs. clinton's press secretary brian fallon said, quote, hell, no, hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps isis recruit more terrorists. >> well, hillary clinton makes stuff up. this is a well-documented
3:46 pm
pattern of hers. there were no e-mails that were turned over, there was a move in the country during the defensive marriage act to actually ban same-sex marriage as a constitutional amendment. that wasn't true. that's why they had to sign the defense against marriage act. the list is so long i can't remember it. so it's great for donald trump to put jeb bush where he and others in the political field are defending themselves against hillary clinton's made-up story, but this is on the day that donald trump receives the lie of the year on his own story where he can't produce something he said. so it's kind of a musing. >> it wasn't only a lie, it was a particular lie on the part of hillary. given her history, she ought to be a little careful talking about incendiary american videos that are radicalizing jihada
3:47 pm
into attacking americans. she has to have been there before. it's not working. i think she ought to quit at two. >> there's an important point here to be made. jennifer palmeri, one of hill y hillary's spokespeople, couldn't identify this video she was talking about and couldn't produce it, but yet brian fallon and others said she's not going to apologize for it. if the video doesn't exist, she made a specific claim. she should apologize to donald trump if she is, in fact, telling a lie. >> something tells me he's going to keep asking. president obama makes a confession about his isis strategy.
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i think that there is legitimate criticism of what i have been doing and what our administration has been doing in the as soon as that we haven't, you know, on a regular basis, i think, described all the work that we have been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. >> without american leadership, nothing is going to happen. the president of the united states needs to step up and say beings okay, here's the plan. >> all right. we are back with our panel now. a.b., the president says that they haven't been doing a good job be describing all the work they have been doing against isis. is this a communication failure he? says he understands the people are are worried. >> it really is both. obama this terrible habit of always blaming his tee deficiencies or failures or moments of falling short communication strategy that people didn't understand what he meant it is seven years getting old it is typical of most presidents.
3:52 pm
but the other issue is that he just told print journalists 10 days ago or so that he didn't really understand how -- he conceded i didn't understand how afraid americans were. i don't sit is around watching cable tv. now he is says saying cable tv riles everybody up. the other thing is this: he doesn't -- we talked about this over the years about afghanistan. that he tripled our presence there, and he owned that but he never wanted to talk about it. he never wanted to tell it americans why he was doing that so, even if he was doing something the last 16 months to turn back isis and we think it's obviously worse than it was 16 months ago and democrats agree, they are also concerned about his strategy. why does he not own it? why does he not tell americans how many leaders died the day before, how many miles of territory they have retaken? he doesn't talk about it. so maybe it would help if he did. but this is not a president who is going to talk about
3:53 pm
it. >> it's something that got a lot of chatter saturday night at the debate and there were things that mrs. clinton talked about that seemed to distance -- she wanted to distance herself from the president on certain things, talking about arming the moderates in syria and other things. it was what she said about isis that got a lot of attention, charles. she said we are where we need to be. we have a strategy and going after isis. we have u.n. security council resolution. >> look, that's all she has. the administration has been in office for seven years. she, for more than half of it, which happened in syria is a catastrophe. and it's affecting americans at home. what can she say? there is nothing that you can can point to. so she points to a perfectly useless security council resolution that is watered down that says well, our hope is that the two sides will negotiate over the next 18 months. it means nothing. but it looks like something. therefore, she pulled it out. but what the president said was stolen issue inning. a, it's his arrogance.
3:54 pm
he never admits his policy is wrong. it's always that the american people are too uninformed to understand the brilliance of what he is doing. but the seconds is it's the sort of chronic liberal idea that you measure things by inputs. and not outputs. so many air strikes. so much body counts. so many actions on our part that's irrelevant. the fact is isis is growing, isis is expanding into other countries, reaching into the united states. what counts is outputs. liberals will only inputs. the most recent fox news polling on this just days ago president obama on how he is handling isis. 30% say they approve. 58% disapprove. they don't think he is not doing a good job. >> i don't know who is in that 33% that number is inconceivably high to me. one thing stood out from the
3:55 pm
president's npr interview we are pounding isis core structure in syria and iraq. this goes to the point charles is making. we heard that exact same argument about al qaeda in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 even as al qaeda expanded and grew and strengthened and we would later leisure there were intelligence assessments provided by the dia and others saying that al qaeda doubled in strength. you had the president still repeating this talking point that is meaningless because it is an input. what matters is what happened. not how you describe what you have done. it's what you actually do and what you accomplish. if i go to my wife and i say honey, look at all of the good work i have done in the yard, she doesn't care that i'm telling her about the work i have done in the yard. she wants to see that the yard looks good and it too often doesn't look good. >> 33% think your yard looks good regardless of what happens. >> he watching the packer game on the phone while he does the yard. >> all right. we have got to leave it there. when we come back we is have a sendoff from the 2016
3:56 pm
campaign trail for senator lindsey graham. from spark meanss of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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finally tonight, as the year ends, we are rounding out the best kickers of 2015, starting with senator lindsey graham's smashing response to donald trump's decision to give out his personal cell phone number. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> or are if all else fails,
4:00 pm
you can always give your number to the donald. >> all right, senator cell phone. thanks for watching "special report," shannon bream good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. tonight, "on the record," governor chris christie, what would he do with the 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states? his answer may surprise you. ♪ >> first, fox news alert. chaos and violence on the vegas strip. a woman with a 3-year-old girl jumping the sidewalk and mowing down victims. police say it looks like it was intentional. dozens dead and several nor injured. homeless woman charged with murder. terrifying witnesses describing the horror. >> there were men after her trying to stop the vehicle. they couldn't get to her. they were yelling, stop, stop. she just wasn't trying. >> the windshield was smashed at this point.


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